”Excellent” Line mattresstopper

Neptune Excellent mattress toppers are made of 100% Vita-Talalay latex and offer ultimate sleeping comfort. They are invitingly soft, flexible and optimally ventilating.

Neptune manufactures these mattress toppers in 4 cm and 6 cm thickness and offers two qualities. A mattress topper evens out the seam between two mattresses and provides more pleasant comfort. A topper only makes sense if the mattresses are of a good quality and there is no pitting. The soft W4S quality is recommended with a core thickness of 6 cm and the somewhat firmer W6S at 4 cm and 6 cm thickness. Including mattress ticking a thickness of 7 to 9 cm.

A mattress topper can give a firmer mattress a softer comfort and can be ideal for a more comfortable sleep on board.