Bespoke bedlinnen

“Comfort” bed linen made to measure.
Neptune “Comfort” bed linen is made to the exact contours of the top of the mattress, with a matching skirt and elastic. No more loose sheets on board, but nicely fitting bed linen.
Moltons are made of 100% cotton color off white and have already been pre-washed which therefore no longer shrinks (provided you wash it at 60 degrees of course)
Fitted sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton with 300TC (thread counts) in various trendy colours:
White, ecru, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, anthracite, beige and platinum grey.

Fitted sheets are also available in 1000TC (thread counts) in the color white.
For those who appreciate this super soft quality.

Each bed linen is provided with an information label on which all information about the relevant bed linen is stated.
Such as: Name Yacht / Type of yacht / Location mattress / Quality etc. and of course the washing instructions.
So you don’t have to look for which cabin the relevant bed linen should go to. A washing label is also sewn onto the relevant mattress. To place the bed linen properly, both labels must be together, so label on label.

Note: The purchase of Comfort bed linen is always at least per three units. For example, a flannel sheet and two fitted sheets (regardless of color may be mixed) or two moltons and one fitted sheet if the total number is only three or more.
Comfort Bed linen is made to measure, so they are never in stock.

When purchasing a set of bed linen, a ready-made template is included so that you can easily order additional bed linen in the future.
Keep this mold well, this prevents a lot of hassle with repeat orders.