Sleeping comfort

What can Neptune do for you?
Sleeping comfort is very personal, one wants firm, the other wants soft again, one is heavier than the other and so on. Sometimes there is not enough height for a thick mattress, what are the options.
In any case, we at Neptune make sleeping comfort as comfortable as possible.
With more than thirty different qualities of comfort foam in stock and partly due to our rich experience in sleeping comfort on board with sometimes peculiar situations, we have the best solution for everyone.

Neptune sleep systems

Neptune sleep systems have been specially developed to provide optimal comfort and support. Boat mattresses in combination with our Neptune slatted base systems ensure a comfortable and healthy sleeping place on board your yacht. Bed linen, duvets and duvet covers, everything is neatly made to measure.
Because everything is precisely coordinated, your nights on board will be spent comfortably.

Boat mattresses

Comfort, support and ventilation of unparalleled quality

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Mattress toppers

Available in different thicknesses for extra sleeping comfort.

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Mattress supports

For optimal ventilation and more sleeping comfort.

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More than 30 different qualities of comfort foam

We have more than 30 different qualities of comfort foam and our people have therefore acquired an enormous knowledge of materials over many years. That is why a visit to our company is highly advisable, here you get a look behind the scenes as they say it and you can see who we are and with what raw materials and attention our products are produced.

Only the very best materials

Sleeping on a Neptune mattress means that you choose the best. Each mattress is constructed from the finest materials, which are comfortable and durable. The mattress cover is super soft and can be cleaned. Neptune also offers the best comfort, optimal support and ventilation for a perfect night’s sleep at home. More information about handmade mattresses, duvets, pillows, matching bed linen and our bed series can be found via the link of Neptune at Home.

You spend about 30% of your time in bed. We believe that you should not experience any discomfort during the night.


We have mattress protectors and fitted sheets in different qualities of pure cotton and satin cotton. Jersey fitted sheets are available in many colors.

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Fitted sheets

Neptune produces fitted sheets in its own workshop according to the contours of the boat mattresses. No more loose-fitting sheets on board, but nicely fitting fitted sheets of 100% Egyptian cotton in various nautical colors with 300TC.

Also available in 800TC in the color white

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Our Vita-Talalay pillows are made of 100% molded natural latex and are very suitable for people who are allergic to dust mites. The pillow has an elastic and breathable cover, which can be washed. The pillows are available in a soft, medium and firm quality.


Clients speaking

Come by for advice

Come by for advice

Our advisors discuss with you the situation and the desired sitting and / or sleeping comfort in detail.

We measure on board

We measure on board

Our craftsmen may come on board by appointment to measure everything and discuss the details.

The product is ready

The product is ready

As soon as the sitting and / or sleeping comfort is ready, an appointment for delivery is made

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