Polyurethane Memory foam

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Polyurethane Memory foam / Nassau foam is often used in the mattress industry, it is sold by multiple brands such as Tempur, M-Line and even Auping as being a top material. This is, in our opinion, a misconception. Polyurethane Memory foam has a very closed cell structure so that this material has none or hardly breathable (ventilating) properties, a property that is of great importance to a mattress. In addition, these memory foams are very temperature sensitive, during cold nights the material is experienced as very firm to hard and with warm nights the material becomes very soft and the material loses its function. Something that regularly occurs on board a yacht in the summer.

A material that in our opinion has no function on board yachts.
– Your perspiration is not or hardly drained (there is formation of mold in the mattress core)
– Uncomfortable sleeping place on cold nights
– On hot nights, this foam loses its supporting properties.
– Very susceptible to mold and other unhygienic conditions