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Why a down duvet?
Of all filling materials quality down is best able to hold the body heat. High-quality down has even better moisture regulation than normal down. It absorbs perspiration faster and is also quicker to the environment.

Fill force
The duvets supplied by Neptune are manufactured by the Gebroeders Jonk. They only use high quality and mature down with a high filling power. This ensures that less weight is required for a lovely warm duvet. The quilts are lighter, smoother, more comfortable and more durable. Jonk periodically tests the down qualities at Testinstituut

Unique satisfaction guarantee
The duvets are filled one by one per box and can be refilled. If you have bought a too cold duvet afterwards, it can easily be adjusted as desired. This satisfaction guarantee ensures the ideal heat insulation.

The duvet cover The duvets Montana and Supreme have undergone a treatment. This biological and mechanical treatment ensures that the tick absorbs moisture 5 times faster and dries twice as fast.

Most quilt models have button holes. With the help of cufflinks, the duvets can possibly be linked together to form the ideal version.

Thermal class
The warmth requirement varies from person to person. Duvets also have different warmth classes, which can give a hold when making the right choice. Warmth classes are related to the thickness of the quilt.

Class 1: from 8.8 cm – in a cold room or when you are sensitive to cold
Class 2: 6.2 to 8.2 cm – average isolation and favorite for most people
Class 3: 4.0 to 5.7 cm – in a warm room or when it is quickly warm
Class 4: 2.0 to 3.4 cm – summer duvet, optimal comfort during warm nights

Allergy and asthma 
The weave of the cover of cheap duvets and pillows is of poorer quality. In order to save costs it is not woven tight enough, so that the house mite easily settles in the cover of the product. Almost all our down pillows and duvet covers have the ‘Nomite label’. This label guarantees that it is suitable for people who are allergic to the house dust mite.
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In addition, down and feathers have unique moisture-regulating properties. These properties ensure that an unfavorable climate arises for the house dust mite. Even if you are allergic to dust mites, you do not have to forgo the natural sleeping comfort that offers down and feathers. This has been demonstrated by scientific research.

Feathers and down are natural materials. They insulate well, are lightweight and contain no harmful substances. Snugly warm, without feeling heavy and extremely drapeable. In short: the perfect material for your pillow, duvet and sleeping bag.