The importance of a good pillow
Waking up can often be promoted by a good pillow. The pillow must absorb the pressure of the body parts and distribute it proportionally. All nerves of the body pass through the neck vertebrae. It is therefore important that the neck and the head are supported in the correct way. Choose a pillow with the right support, in which the neck muscles and vertebrae relax, so that one can start fresh on a new day.

The right support
The sleeping position differs from person to person. A belly sleeper needs a layer of pillow. A back sleeper benefits from a slightly higher cushion and a side sleeper needs more firmness. The height of the cushion depends, among other things, on the mattress and the physique. It is important that the spine gets the right support with every posture.

The head is the most perspiring body part
The pillow has more to endure than one think, it has to process and remove a lot of perspiration. For this reason, it is important to use well ventilating materials in the pillow, such as Vita-Talalay or down. The open cell structure of this latex prevents excessive perspiration, reduces the development of dust mites and promotes a healthy, hygienic night’s sleep.
With high-quality down, you have an even better moisture regulation than with normal down. It absorbs perspiration faster and is also quicker to the environment. A combination of these two materials in a pillow contributes to a restful night.